Monday, September 06, 2004

Kills 7 Marines 

Our peacetime president should read the damn paper -- or are 6 more marines killed today just a part of his catastrophic success story?

According to the BBC: "Meanwhile, a report says that the number of US soldiers injured in Iraq in August is the highest since the war began. About 1,100 soldiers and marines are thought to have been wounded last month."

Judging by our media, I didn't know we had any wounded. Where are they?

I'm calling it now -- somehow, some way Bush will win. It's too ugly out there for him not to -- there will be another attack upon us, the elctronic voting machines will prove beneficial for the RNC, Osama will be captured, somehow Bush will be proclaimed victor in November.

I am a cynic, and I will work my ass off for Kerry, but I have a feeling these cons will stop at nothing to remain in power, even if that means tallyho-ing into Iran. God I hope I am proven wrong.

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