Wednesday, September 01, 2004


I'm amazed. Really. Ahnuld was pretty good last night. What do you expect, he's an actor. You remember back when actors and actresses were coming out against the quagmire before it was a quagmire? People like jeneane garofalo and the media ripped them up and down saying, "what the hell do they know?" or worse? Guess that only matters to actors and actresses who don't share their opinions. Even the Mike and Mike show played the "girly men" clips on their ESPN radio morning show. I suppose if yer unemployed, working to make sure food is on the table week to week, or are uninsured, suck it up girly man (and women).

Laura Bush said her husband's friends and values don't change. There are some friends, like the dictator of Uzbekistan, who maybe he should reconsider -- likewise he seemed to move away from Kenny boy pretty quickly. I suppose she should have qualified his values haven't changed sine he was reborn, no? That's the whole idea of being reborn -- values change. I can't even go there. This whole thing and the fact that their is no, absolutely no, response from anyone in the dem party on any of the media outlets, and their is so little critique of the convention's messages, that I'm completely flumoxed.

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