Monday, September 27, 2004


OK, so I've been trying to post now and again only to be thwarted by blogspot. Not sure why, but it's damn annoying.

Counterspin is back full-bore and he's recommending liberals go out and get themselves a firearm for self defense. I posted on it before and highlighted the instinct of some of the more radical cons who can't discern from a nice piece of propaganda to get them to vote and an actual call to arms to kill liberals. Billmon's freaky picture captures it succinctly.

I tell you one thing, my little girl impresses upon me just how important this election year is. This year's vote is a "vote of a lifetime" and that is not leftist dribble - it is, in fact, a very real truth. One that I think people, I mean undecideds or apathetic nimrods, are starting to realize --

Pictures forthcoming. Thanks for the kind words. Things are going well -- though whoever invented the breast pump should be shot :) how am I supposed to lay all the night feedings on my significant other when she can point to the damn fridge? Grr, I hate technology. :)

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