Friday, September 03, 2004


Once again I am dismayed at how protester are portrayed and treated without an outcry from anyone in the media, or general public. Here we have a NY Supreme court judge who found the city of NY in contempt for not charging and releasing protesters in an expeditious manner.

I think this paragraph syays it all:

"It's been a long week," said demonstrator Sam Nolan, 37, of Queens, as he walked away from the protest. "The cops really wore us down. I guess people got intimidated."

Sad day when the police are used to effectively shut down protests and no one says anything about it --

I would not be surprised if a number of lawsuits come out of this. And rightfully so. There were many arrested who were not protesting but were just swept up in the fencing and they were held for two days. Nice.

It does make you wonder that if the police were so ready for the protests and the protests were actually less than what they expected, why the hell couldn't they process and release people in a timely manner. Either A) they held them on purpose till the convention was over or B) they highlight the republican administration's incompetance -- they had detailed knowledge of the problem that could occur and prepared for weeks in advance and still could not get their shit together (they go full bore into the war, but can't handle the reprocussions.) I'm leaning toward A. Just get those people out of the way.

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