Thursday, September 08, 2005

factual tick-tock 

Some wonderful little Scotty snippets -- where's the Jameson?

When was the President informed, warned by the National Hurricane Center or other agencies, that Katrina was a hurricane that could overtop the levees in New Orleans?

MR. McCLELLAN: Terry, I appreciate you wanting to get into some of the factual tick-tock questions and things of that nature. I think we were keeping you updated throughout that time period, and if you remember, there were a number of people that, Monday, felt that the initial storm, which was the hurricane hitting the coast and then hitting the New Orleans area and Mississippi and Alabama and parts of Florida, that at that point, that New Orleans may be -- well, the flooding had not come at that point. And many people were talking about how --

Q You're the federal government -- if you want to get into tick-tock, the Army Corps of Engineers knew Monday morning that the 17th Street flood wall along that canal had given way. My question is different, it's about getting prepared for that.

MR. McCLELLAN: A lot of the media reports coming out.... A lot of the media reports that were coming out Monday, Monday night, Tuesday morning were expressing that it had missed the massive flooding that some had projected in a worst-case scenario.

Q The President of the United States was getting his information about this major disaster from the media?

Factual tick-tock? What does that mean exactly? Anybody?

And Scotty boy, c'mon, it's the news, I hope they want the factual tick-tock instead of the garbage you've been feeding them for the last 3 years.

Oh wait, there's more:

Q Scott, you talk about looking ahead, and on that point, why should the American people have confidence? If another disaster strikes and they hear you from that podium say that the federal authorities, FEMA is working closely with state and local officials to address all the concerns on the ground, why should the American people have confidence in that?

MR. McCLELLAN: Let's, first of all, hope that nothing like this ever happens again in our lifetime.

There you have it -- let's hope. Amen, Scotty boy, amen.

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