Wednesday, May 26, 2004

NHL -  

Well, I blogged my initial thoughts on the game and the atmosphere last night. The article above highlights some of this 6th seed no one in the States knows about versus the bolts --

"We're going to have to play a lot simply," Tortorella continued. "We had a lot of unforced errors and that's when Calgary jumps on you. We need to keep it simple and play with more grit in areas. Our biggest problem tonight is we were a little too fancy."

Yes, a ton of give aways -- Sydor made a number of them which truly surprises me since he won the cup while in Dallas. He should be settling the younger guys down and focusing, but he looked green. And more grit? -- yeah, passion would be nice. They played with none until the third -- that's on the coach -- he should have lit a fire under their asses after the first period. And where was the physical play they "learned" from Philly? Everyone was talking about how the lightning players like lecavalier raised the level of his game by getting physical -- well, last night it looked like they were doing the mamba. It was sick.

More sign ideas needed for tomorrows game --

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