Friday, June 25, 2004

Workers wield their strength 

Previously I mentioned the psychological effects on the poor SOB's just trying to make a living in Iraq, and now we two S. Korean airlines refusing to transport the governments troops to Iraq.

The labor unions of the nation¡¯s two airliners, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, declared Thursday that they refuse to transport anything related to the troop dispatch to Iraq, including Korean soldiers to be stationed in Iraq along with armor and related equipment.

The association said, ¡°Both Korean Air and Asiana Airlines should not sign contracts with the government to transport troops to Iraq... If they sign such contracts, the security of our union members cannot be guaranteed as they may become a target of terror during operation... Also, in order to show our rejection to a war of invasion, we will suspend all flights.

This was a preemptive attack by the unions as the government did not yet request transport. I suspect more unions and workers will start flexing similiar muscle in the coming months as the crapfield deepens.

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